25-27 October 2019

Running Hot Coaching Partner

When you sign up to a fantastic event like the Hawkes Bay Traverse you have taken the first step towards an exciting new goal.


You will want to make sure then that you get to the start line in the best shape possible.


Do you want to do a personal best?


Maybe you are absolute beginner with a giant goal and have no idea where to start?


Or perhaps you have a ton of races under your belt and have been running for years but are struggling with injuries and burnout, or you are struggling to fit in the old high mileage programs and need an efficient way to train?


If you want to smash your goal and push your limits using an holistic approach then we highly recommend you join the Running Hot program by Pro Ultra Runner Lisa Tamati and Exercise Scientist Neil Wagstaff.


The Running Hot Coaching Program is the online run coaching program that will have you running faster, longer, and stronger whilst avoiding burnout and injuries.


The platform, born out of a combined lifelong passion for running, and health and fitness, combines real-world training strategies, cutting-edge science, and training philosophies that have been perfected by Lisa and Neil over the past decade as coach and athlete.


By joining the Running Hot Coaching community you’ll be a part of a holistic training system that’s truly breaking new ground in it’s approach. Running Hot Coaching runners (or 'Running Hotties' as they’re affectionately known) don’t overly-expose themselves to injury, or spend unecessary hours training a week by running “junk miles”, as the Running Hot Coaching system steers clear of the old traditional high mileage models.


At Running Hot Coaching you’ll be getting the most out of your body in the shortest amount of time, and will be joining the hundreds of success stories from around the globe over the past decade.


You can join now with no risk on their free 7 day trial and check out how all their programs work Running Success Guide



What Are Their Runners Saying?

Steve Mayo

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you gave me over the last few months. The programme and your additional advice really did get me across the line. The discipline of the weekly schedule with helpful videos definitely helped to keep me on track and built well towards the final goal of completing my first marathon.Again thank you and all the best to you and the team at Running Hot Coaching.”


Amy Thomas

"As a busy working Mum I get asked often how I manage to fit in all my training. My reply is that if you want something bad enough you find time. Running Hot Coaching has taught me that quality training over quantity training is the key."


Erena Shing

"As a stay at home mum raising twins, having a program for my goal, enables me to prioritise my day and gives me confidence that I’m training smarter and will be event-ready right when I need to be. Running Hot Coaching are a big part my journey, supporting me well beyond the finish line."



“Lisa and Neil believed in me when no one else did, you gave wings to my dreams and showed me exactly how to achieve them and now I have achieved my ultimate race dreams and smashed every race out of the park. Thank you.”



Thanks guys - my first ever half (and first running race since college over 20 years ago)! I know I wouldn’t have done so well without my running hot program and all of your answers and help with my questions!! Ended up running 1:42, 11th female home.



Thanks to Lisa & Neil for sharing knowledge and experience in running extreme Ultras and changing my life forever. I wouldn’t be at that finish line without your help! It was amazing journey for me from finishing last, just meeting the cut offs to finishing the toughest 100 milers in great times.


Injury Prevention Guide

8 week Strength Program

About the event

This is an event the likes of which have never been seen before in NZ, you don’t want to miss out on the running nor the goodie bags, but wait, that’s not all, we even include a 20min daily massage  at the end of each day.


Lace up your trail running shoes, pack extra socks, grab your best mate and come experience Hawke’s Bays plethora of trails . Be part of the only trail running stage race in New Zealand.

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